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April 2nd, 2010 
12:51 pm - CALLOUT!
post requests for battles here.

you can request people other than yourself to battle.

you MUST give well-worded and compelling reasons for a battle. please give this thought, as the battle will be contained within the reasons you give.

here are some examples. these are guidelines and not necessarily the only accepted reasons for callouts.

good reasons:
- links to community posts, drama threads
- a well thought out paragraph as to why the battle should happen.

bad reasons:
- "X is a bitch"
- "X's crotch smells"
- "X's kids are ugly"

any request that is made without further explanation will be ignored. references to friends only posts or locked community posts in moderated membership communities will also be ignored.

if you make a callout for people other than yourself, your identity will not be revealed. you may reveal yourself if you would like.

new callout method: all fields are required.

lj username:
callout request:

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