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8th-Jul-2006 01:17 am
are we still on y'all's friends lists?

didn't think so.

anyway. FIGHT!

preachan_sidhe vs. lizziey

most recent thread here.

again, all posts will be screened until both parties accept. do they both accept? possibly decline? stay tuned. we'll give this one some time considering i'm posting this at one-goddamn-am.
8th-Jul-2006 05:28 am (UTC)
notifications here and here. lizzey didn't have a public post in her personal journal so i made do.
8th-Jul-2006 05:49 am (UTC)
oops! my bad, i forgot the i. lizziey. sorry about that.
8th-Jul-2006 06:00 am (UTC)
i'm the oddball on my f-list, the only dramawhore.

I'm going to have to decline. Obviously, I am not afraid of the chick, because i argue with her constantly, but all of her normal supporters are already here, or have no problem joining. My friends are of a quieter sort. They are always after me to avoid the drama and such. (actually, i was doing good with that until new shit was posted :-\) I have enough drama on my plate without this too, i think.

Perhaps if i ever have drama with someone who isn't lawnfreak/flutterfuck/sweet_n_nasty/trxgedy/taintdblush/carizma/ you get the picture. All of the normal annoying moms. *shrugs* sorry.
9th-Jul-2006 06:53 am (UTC)
What a fucking pussy you are.

You know, calling lawngome25 a pedophile was pretty fucking low. Trolling her journal for no fucking reason was creepy. But when you went to her myspace, took photos, and slandered her on LJFlameCup, you really went to far. Why the obession? It's bizarre and makes you look not a little bit psycho.

What kind of a person goes around harassing someone day in and day out just for the lulz? Do you really not see how fucking evil you are? Maybe you are not so evil in real life (god I hope not, for the sake of your children) but you certainly are possibly one of the worst people I've ever come accross on LJ.
9th-Jul-2006 06:54 am (UTC)
er, sorry, that comment is missing a word. It should say "calling lawngnome25's husband a pedophile was pretty fucking low"
8th-Jul-2006 03:51 pm (UTC) - Oh come on now...
Now that I've started my coffee, let's take a little time to talk about why lizziey declined the fight. One reason may be that she is extremely busy making sure her children stay in the house e-stalking me.
Most recent example - stealing myspace photos to make ljflamecup.com secrets.
Example 2: Anon trolling. She is a busy lady for sure.
Example 3: Making anon secrets that she can't even wait to submit properly!
Example 4: This would be the first time she trolled me after being pwned in a copyright discussion where I was actually polite to her. She was also trolling other people's myspace pages at that point too. This is the incident(s) which resulted in her bannination from nouglybabies

Those are merely the tip of the iceburg. Now let's discuss her obsession with pedophelia. She claims my husband must certainly be a pedophile because I am a small person. Some examples of THIS behavior:
PEDOPHELIA OH NOES! Of course, lizziey IS an expert on criminal behavior and mental illness. Keeping up on the most recent information regarding pedophila, RLS and obtaining waivers to get into the military despite being a legally blind internet queen makes for a very full life. She just doesn't have time for such nonsense like actually owning the bullshit she spews from the gaping hole in her face.

Speaking of gaping holes......her internet modeling must keep her extremely busy too. I can understand. It takes a lot of practice to get one's ankles over one's head like that. She deleted the really classy one, a closeup of her girly bits. I'm sure it's floating around the internets somewhere though.

So let's recap. Either lizziey is too BUSY e-stalking me, making secrets in communities I don't even frequent about me, taking more internet porn pictures to prove her vagina has indeed lost weight, turning my husband in for having facial stubble while off duty, trolling myspace to get my photos, getting people suspended by the lj police when her own behavior is beyond comprehension, and playing Dr. Jekyll in breastfeeding and boobie_bootcamp after being banned from boob_nazis. This just doesn't leave time for a call out in mom_fight_club. Completely understandable . . .

Or she's just chicken shit.
8th-Jul-2006 05:02 pm (UTC) - Re: Oh come on now...
Oh, you won even before this.
8th-Jul-2006 10:04 pm (UTC) - Re: Oh come on now...

9th-Jul-2006 04:41 am (UTC) - One more thing...
Stealing pictures of people's children and making posts like this is so reprehensible there are no words to describe it. This would be why lizziey stole my photos. She was too afraid to post this in ljusersecret so instead she went where nobody knows me. And the only comment about it there said "Wtf, mate? Why are you stealing baby pictures?" Then, lizziey goes and tells on herself. She is teh smrt.

lizziey, even people who have no idea who I am stand up for me and recognize you for the sack of dog shit that you are. Obviously I have no "LJ SCENE" points that need earning.

I think this pretty much says it all.

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