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6th-Oct-2005 10:08 pm - Latest fight..
thumbs up
234325230 hours later, both sides have accepted.

15th-Sep-2005 12:11 am - FIGHT

amelia04, tearsmist, kevin_n_bree, kwanboa, and hisrisingstar vs. nouglybabies!

the people nominated were voted off the island, and now the people are crying foul.

dramarific links:


i dont really give a crap if *everyone* accepts. that's a hell of a lot of people.

comments are screened until we get responses.
14th-Sep-2005 09:20 pm - WINNAR!@


kimmlett and simplymelodious

in kimmlett and simplymelodious vs. carizma

honorable mention goes to dadateacher's chihuahua.

28th-Aug-2005 12:03 pm - FIGHT!@

kimmlett and simplymelodious vs. carizma!

simplymelodious has this to say:

Kimmlett and I would like to call out carizma because she continues to make ignorant statements and uses her Mod hat as a means to insult people and delete comments.

Her latest attempt at censorship was in babygear where she got on people for scolding a member and when I attempted to debate with her, she insulted me and banned me.

When Kimmlett spoke up carizma deleted her comment, called her an asshole and deleted the post.

carizma posted two posts in babygear stating that she banned people for having their facts wrong and being cruel.

and if you don't agree with her opinion, leave

I would like to see her fight her battle without the ability to delete comments and posts and see if she has a leg to stand on. Which I highly doubt.

comments are screened until we get a response.

get it on!

[regarding the previous "battle" - we'll continue to keep that one open. drama is fun!]

edit: PFFFFFFFFT. carizma declines.

edit #2: i was informed that there are some people that would like to step in for carizma, so the battle is still on. w0rd.
28th-Aug-2005 11:40 am - I AM SPAMMING YOU.
why, yes - i *am* exploiting this community for my own personal stuff.

in an effort to be able to continue staying at home to take care of the boog, i have drummed up my own little business selling piratey clothing.

i have a small selection of premade items up, and you can also order custom made items. i'm in the process of making more designs, and eventually i'll be able to offer colored garments.

so please check me out, and if anyone would like to spam your ljs or communities with this, i would love you forever. additionally, if anyone is interested in a banner exchange, let me know.

i thank you, and the boog thanks you. we now return to your regularly scheduled mom_fight_club - there's a new battle coming, stay tuned.
25th-Aug-2005 11:00 am - Hey..
When you guys make callout requests, don't use people who are are perfectly content to fight for hours and hours on end in one place, but God forbid it be brought to mom_fight_club where we're all deemed petty and immature.

C'mon, we need a good fight in here. Everyone just weenies out.


edited 'cause my Advil kicked in . post was made in a menstrually-cramp haze of anger and spite.
24th-Aug-2005 11:03 am - Last post!
Hey, guys -- sorry about deleting the last post.

I had asked the members-at-large if anyone had a screenshot of gentle_mommy's userinfo BEFORE she went and deleted half her friends and communities.

A lot of the comments were about how to get a screenshot and browse your browser's history while not refreshing the cache, and a lot of boring stuff. We also got a screenshot of the info. In the comments, [info]gentle_mommy's userinfo was being critiqued and then she was running over and updating it, so it was clear she was getting info from the post. As we figure out and investigate this whole trainwreck (INTERNETS! SRIS BIDNESS!), I think it's best if she has as little ammunition as possible and as little information on our OMG INVESTIGATION as possible.

I didn't want to seem like a shady post-deleter, but when it became obvious she was ganking information from the post to use for her benefit, it was time to pull the plug.

We're here for you.
23rd-Aug-2005 10:09 pm - violetmaiden and gentle_mommy
pinup knitter
This is the one you've all been waiting for:


Are violetmaiden and gentle_mommy the same person? gentle_mommy denies this and is sick of the accusations and wants to settle this matter! Here's your chance!

In case it gets deleted, here's what she says:

"I dont know why people are asking me that, I have no clue who that person is. I just had someone on my buddy list tell me that someone said I am suspected as this violetmaiden chick. SHe tried to contact me and become my friend awhile ago and when I told her no, she flipped out on me and called me a bitch and told me to rot in hell, so I banned her from my journal. Now I have people telling me that either she is gonig aroudn saying she is me or that someone else it. From what I heard she is some psycho bitch with so many lies she can't keep them straight! I plan on getting to the bottom of it because I do not want to be associated with someone like that, she freaks me out, seriously!"

Comments are not screened. If you have evidence, bring it on.
12th-Aug-2005 03:35 am - WINNAR
and the winner is:


| ))-=*yay*
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