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Anybody , Moderated
is someone on lj getting on your nerves? tired of hiding behind the snark communities and would really just prefer to tell them directly? here's a place to go to duke it out without violating community rules or screwing up personal ljs.

::::::::::WINNERS LIST::::::::::

rules will be heavily enforced without bias.

membership is absolutely open. anyone, regardless of lifestyle, ethics, or parenting preferences can join. note, however, that all content in here will relate to parenting.

joining the community does not mean you are required to participate, except for voting.

calling out:

  • to call someone out, you must make your request in this post. requests will be taken in the order they are received. your identity will not be revealed by the moderators.

  • battles can be individual vs. individual, community vs. community, individual vs. community, or community vs. individual.

  • you are allowed to call people other than yourself to battle against each other. for example, amy can make a request for a battle between becky and carla.

  • when making a battle request, you *MUST* state compelling and well-worded reasons why you want the battle to happen. good reasons: links to community posts, drama threads. bad reasons: i think X is a bitch. no references to friends only posts in personal ljs, or locked posts in closed membership communities.

  • when your request is approved, it will appear in a new post. there will only be one battle going on at a time.

  • once a callout is made, if one of the battlers is not a member of this community, notification must be made in either their personal lj or in a reply to a public community post. the moderators will make links to these in the battle post.


  • each battle post will be open for a set amount of time. this time period will fluxuate depending on participation. however, it will not exceed 48 hours.

  • comments on a battle will be screened until both sides have responded.

  • you are allowed to have anyone come in to defend you. they do not have to be a member of this community to defend. anonymous comments will not be allowed.

  • battles must be contained within the comments of the battle posts. new posts started by battlers will automatically be deleted.

  • no posting of pictures that are not your own, such as other peoples' kids, etc.

  • no references to friends only posts in personal ljs, or locked posts in closed membership communities.

  • wishing harm upon another person's children will result in a permanent ban from the community.

  • DO NOT. DELETE. COMMENTS. if you know you're going to get crap from the comments you make and don't want to deal with it, then don't post them. the "i had bad grammar/made a typo and i wanted to fix it" excuse does not fly here, either. proofread before you post. deleting comments will get you an immediate 3-day ban from the community. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

  • when a moderator decides a battle is over, all threads will be frozen and commenting will not be allowed.

the winner!!

  • after the time period, a poll will be taken to determine the winner of the battle. only members of the community will be able to vote on this. vote honestly. this ain't no stinkin' popularity contest. during a voting period, community membership will be closed so nobody gets the bright idea to get others to join just to sway the vote.

  • if one party does not wish to battle, the battle will go into default and the other battler will be declared the winner.

  • winners will receive a shiny happy trophy graphic that they can proudly display in their userinfo if they wish.

unless specified otherwise, violations of these rules are as follows:

  • first offense: warning.
    second offense: 3-day ban from the community.
    third offense: permanent ban from the community.

misc. crap:

  • only moderators are allowed to make posts to the community. any member posts will be deleted.

  • the mods decisions are final. unnecessarily harassing a moderator will lead to a permanent ban from the community.

your moderators:




the moderators are immune from battling to keep a fair and neutral environment. if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

the moderators have the ultimate and final say in enforcing the rules as they see fit. aggressively and offensively questioning the mods' decisions will lead to a permanent ban from the community. being a member here is a privilege, not a right.

if you think this is a magnet for drama, well yeah, it is. however, its intention is to keep the drama out of communities where it's not wanted.

if you think this community is stupid, you are taking the livejournal waaaay too seriously.

these rules are ever-changing in an effort to keep the community running sanely [hah] and smoothly.

happy battling!